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Putting out feelers to move in May 2023

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    Kylie Q

      My name is Kylie, i’m 21 & i’m transferring to Millersville next fall. I’m majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. I plan to move into the 2bd luxury apartments but i’m looking for a roommate. I just want to put some feelers out now because I don’t know how early I have to apply for a place and I want to try to find someone asap!
      About me: I like to go out to eat or to the bar. I love target trips and shopping in general. I have a boyfriend and 2 siblings so they’ll probably come over/ sleep over sometimes, I’ll also visit my boyfriends place so i’ll only be home 50-60% of the time most likely. I like to watch tv shows, some of my fav shows are Grey’s Anatomy, The Boys and Gossip Girl. I like to read as well. I’m a fairly clean person and can’t stand a dirty floor or dishes in the sink. I go to bed early most nights (10-11pm) but also don’t mind staying up if I don’t have work in the morning. I don’t smoke at all. I have a cat, she’s super fluffy, she’s friendly too but can have an attitude sometimes.
      Looking for: Someone aged 18-23, equally as clean, non smoker (or at least non cigarette smoker), ok with guests, not extremely loud at night, ok with cats (bonus points if you also have a cat).
      My instagram is @kylieeequinlannn if you want to talk more!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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